Prayer List 


            Our Prayer            

Father as we come before you, 
we Thank you for all the blessings 
you have given us through our lives.

     Father we have friends we love and cherish. Those that are ill and those that
 are hurting for various reasons, 
known only to you. 

We lift them up to you and ask that you
 bless them with your loving care
 and renew their strength. 

      We ask for the healing of those with various health problems and make them well again, 
if it be your will.

  We pray that all special needs will be fulfilled. 

   We pray for their families and the ones that are Care Givers.  Give them strength to 
cope with the everyday stress.  

   Father we also ask that you guide, 
direct and keep each of us in your will.

    Thank you again for all your blessings but
 most of all we thank you for Jesus Christ.

In Jesus name we pray,


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Prayer List
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Please Help!

 If your or you know of 
anyone that needs to be on
 the Prayer list, please let 
me know.

We would like to share your or 
their burden through Pray.

Please email or call me. 
Your need will be put on one of
the list, at your request. 

Only the prayer list is published here. Futher information is know only to class members. Not on this
Web page.

Thank you!
All help is appreciated.

Anonymous - 3
Arlen Walker 
Bob Marsha 
Emily Mayse
Henry Hooper
Hugh Mills
Jenny Sue Johnson
Mary Jane  
Starlyn Sisk

​~ Hospital ~
None know at this time

~ Lost of Classmate 2022 ~
1. Frederic "Fred" Toms
     4/19/1941 - 6/17/2021
2.Bill Waters 12/29/ 2021
3.Wayne Epley 3/7/2022
4.Joyce White 5/29/22

~ Lost of a loved one 2022 ~
Adraom = Husband

Rest Home/Assist.Living ~
* Mary Ann Crowder
* Sally Mosley

A Family Member ~
*Jean Ann  - Husband

Caregivers ~
*Tu-Anh - *Hugh Mills Wife

~Anonymous Request ~

 ~ Unknown Needs ~ 
  * Their healing
  * Their personal problems.
  * Loss of:
  • a child or Grandchild.
  • a family members.
  • a special friend.
  * Others needs we are not aware of 
      but is known to HIM.

Answered Prayers
2016 - 2022
  • Barbara Bartera
  •  Bob Marshal
  • Don Epley
  • George Poteat
  • Harold & Eleven Owens
  • Jackie Morrow
  • Jenny Sue Johnston
  • Jimmy Hill
  • Joyce Green
  • Judy Hardin
  • Ken Hardin
  • Margaret Hill 
  • Mary Jane McFarland 
  • Melvin "Sonny" Waters
  • Paul Tim Jones
  • Phyllis Green
  • Ralph Haynes 
  • Starlyn Sisk
  • Shirley Godfrey
  •  For answered prayers for:                                     those that had major or minor surgery.
  • Those on the Unspoken & Unknown List. 
  • The Caregivers needs being met and
             giving them strength to carry on.  
  • Needs being met for those with ongoing health problems.
  •  Needs being met for the shut-ins.
  • For looking after the Class of '59 members and all your blessings through the years.
  • For our successful reunions.

"Thank You Prayer"

"Father, we  thank you for
the blessings you have  given 
our class and friends through 
the years. Thank you for the answered
prayers and bring us through some
trying times. 
We give you the glory,
 honor and prase"